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Who Perfected the SBO (Soil-based Organisms)
Formula Used In Body Biotics™

Body Biotics Soil-Based Probiotic, SBO

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In the late 1970's, American researcher, Peter Daubner, began conducting phased studies on huge colonies of soil-based organisms (SBO's). Soil-based organisms are minute microbes that live in soil. They produce and release powerful enzymes that prepare and purify soil to support plant growth. Additionally, SBO's simultaneously produce and release specific nutrients necessary to accelerate plant development and reproduction. Many forms of SBO's, as well as their enzyme and nutrient by-products, are consumed when humans eat fresh, organically grown fruits and vegetables. SBO consumption was quite common when, prior to the 19th century, people ate foods crisp from the fields, farms and gardens. Today, with our modern "food processing techniques" including fungicides, herbicides, radiation, freeze-drying, heat, etc. these friendly soil-based organisms are not as prevalent in our food supply.

Body Biotics contains the health soil-based bacteria from the soil before the advent of toxic chemical sprays on farms Daubner's Phase One studies focused on specific identification of various strains of SBO's. His Phase Two investigation determined whether the SBO's were toxic or pathogenic in any way. All those tests were negative. Phase Three research focused on what kind of beneficial values SBO's had for animals and humans. During Daubner's examinations, he was able to distinguish a process for selectively breeding superior strains of SBO's. These soil-based organisms, when ingested by humans, produced very specific immune system responses, with no toxic side-effects.

From the early 80's until 1995, Peter Daubner's probiotic SBO formula was exclusively sold through alternative health practitioners and medical doctors under the brand name EarthFlora. From 1995 to 2008 this same formula has been marketed under the name Nature's Biotics® and in February of 2008 the unique probiotic blend, known to hundreds of thousands of customers around the world, takes on the new name - Body Biotics™.

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