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My Philosophy About Taking Supplements

By Sally Robertson, M.A., M.A.

My philosophy about foods,  nutritional supplements, herbs, probiotic supplements and medicine.I am not a medical doctor, but am a reporter of information about health. Over the years I have studied healthy foods, nutritional supplements, herbs and probiotic supplements. This is how I view them:

Foods: All foods are substances that the body needs to nourish itself and maintain health. They are needed continually. Most nutritional supplements are actually foods; vitamins and minerals fall into this category.

Herbs: On the other hand, herbs are substances that operate close to foods and they nourish the body so it can repair itself and maintain a state of health. They have gentle effects on the body such as stimulating tissue, soothing tissue, contracting and toning tissue or loosening and softening hard tissue. They may help the body to remove toxins or build strength. Echinacea and sage are examples of herbs.

Probiotic Supplement: Probiotics are friendly organisms that live in the intestinal tract and clean the colon, improve constipation and aid in the absorption of vitamins, minerals, supplements and foods. They produce specific proteins that act as antigens and stimulate the immune system. They fight pathological molds, yeast, fungus, viruses and parasites and stimulate B-Lymphocyte and related anti-body production. Also, soil-based probiotic supplements produce uncoded antibodies that are held in reserve and ready to be used by the immune system to fight specific disease-causing pathogens the moment one is exposed. They produce Lactoferrin which helps with iron absorption. While probiotics are not foods, they are considered to be in the general class of nutritional supplements. Lactobacillus acidolphilus and bifidobacterium bifidum are two well-known examples.

Medicines: All medicines are substances that would be very toxic to the body in great quantity. They are given in very small amounts and have powerful and specific effects on the body. Except for some drugs sold over-the-counter, these substances should be prescribed by a medical doctor. Prozac is an example of a medicine.

I recommend that anyone with a serious medical condition consult with a doctor and anyone under a medical doctor's care remain so until healed. If you decide to take nutritional supplements, herbs or probiotic supplements to assist with your health, please let your doctor continue to monitor you and tell you when you have built enough strength to stop taking any medicine that has been prescribed.

One further note about probiotics: I personally have found that soil-based organisms are more effective than milk-based bacteria. It seems that there is virtually no research on soil-based organisms so I do not have medicial research to back up this claim. I have talked to a number of people who have found this to be true for them, but not everyone I talk to has had this experience. Many people get tremendous results from acidolphilus and bifidum.


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