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Body Biotics™
Soil-Based Probiotics (SBOs)

Body Biotics Soil-Based Probiotic, SBO

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Wouldn't you like to take the soil-based probiotic bacteria that were in the soil before the advent of toxic chemicals being sprayed on farms? You can.

In the late 1970's, American researcher, Peter Daubner, began conducting phased studies on huge colonies of soil-based organisms (SBO's) that he found living in virgin soil in a forest. Soil-based organisms are minute microbes that live in dirt. They produce and release powerful enzymes that prepare and purify soil to support plant growth. Additionally, soil-based probiotic bacteria simultaneously produce and release specific nutrients necessary to accelerate plant development and reproduction. Many forms of these bacteria, as well as their enzyme and nutrient by-products, are consumed when humans eat fresh, organically grown fruits and vegetables. Soil-based probiotic consumption was quite common when, prior to the 19th century, people ate foods crisp from the fields, farms and gardens. Today, with our modern "food processing techniques" including fungicides, herbicides, radiation, freeze-drying, heat, etc. these friendly soil-based organisms are not as prevalent in our food supply.

Body Biotics contains the health soil-based bacteria from the soil before the advent of toxic chemical sprays on farms Daubner's Phase One studies focused on specific identification of various strains of soil-based probiotic bacteria. His Phase Two investigation determined whether the probiotics were toxic or pathogenic in any way. All those tests were negative. Phase Three research focused on what kind of beneficial values these soil-based bacteria had for animals and humans. During Daubner's examinations, he was able to distinguish a process for selectively breeding superior strains of these bacteria. These soil-based organisms, when ingested by humans, produced very specific immune system responses, with no toxic side-effects.

From the early 80's until 1995, Peter Daubner's probiotic formula was exclusively sold through alternative health practitioners and medical doctors under the brand name EarthFlora. From 1995 to 2008 this same formula has been marketed under the name Nature's Biotics® and in February of 2008 the unique probiotic blend, known to hundreds of thousands of customers around the world, took on the new name - Body Biotics.


Body Biotics contains NO salt, sugar, artificial sugars, flavors, yeast, artificial colors, preservatives, chemical solvents, artificial additives, animal by-products, fillers, or dyes of any kind.

NO Refrigeration Required!

The naturally occurring soil-based probiotic bacteria that form the basis for Body Biotics dietary supplements are cultured and manufactured in laboratories in the United States, using scientist Peter Daubner's proprietary methods. In addition to the soil-based bacteria, these "friendly bacteria" --- Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium bifidum, Bacillus lichenformis, Bacillus subtilis, Lactobacillus lactis, Lactobacillus casi, Lactobacillus rhamnosus and Lactobacillus plantarum are contained in a special, gray powder substrate. For the benefit of the bacteria, Body Biotics contains Humic Acids, Fulvic Acids, Minerals, and micro-nutrients. These are the paramount keepers of the code of life which appears to be in charge of growth and continuous cell repair.

Through a special process, Body Biotics soil-based probiotics are kept dormant in the powder and do not become active until placed in an aqueous solution (like water or juice). Because of this, Body Biotics has a shelf-life of over five years at room temperature. This powder is packaged in 500 milligram pure vegetarian capsules.

Specific Functions and Actions of Body Biotics

1. Body Biotics works from the inside of the intestine out, dislodging accumulated decay on the walls and flushing the waste out normally.

2. Body Biotics breaks down hydrocarbons - a unique ability to split food into its most basic elements, allowing almost total absorption through the digestive system. This dramatically increases overall nutrition, and rapidly enhances cellular growth and development. Bowels become more regular in their movements.

3. Body Biotics produces specific proteins that act as antigens. These antigens then stimulate the immune system.

4. Body Biotics is extremely aggressive against pathological molds, yeast, fungi and viruses.

5. Body Biotics works in symbiosis with somatic (tissue and organ) cells to metabolize proteins, and help eliminate toxic wastes.

6. Body Biotics stimulates B-Lymphocyte and related anti-body production. It produces huge pools of extra anti-bodies that are not "pre-programmed" by the immune system for any specific disease. Instead they are kept in reserve in the body to use to program to fight any pathogenic organism.

7. Body Biotics provides critical Lactoferrin supplementation. The soil-based probiotic bacteria produce Lactoferrin as a by-product of their metabolism. Lactoferrin is an iron-binding protein. It is used to retrieve iron from the foods we ingest and then deliver the iron wherever it is needed in the body.

8. Body Biotics helps to kill parasites.

9. Body Biotics stimulates the body's production of its own natural alpha-interferon. This enhances the immune system's ability to ward off illness and disease.

How Do You Take Body Biotics

Body Biotics is very powerful and should be introduced to the body very slowly. Otherwise, you could develop some of the healing crisis symptoms described here: Healing Crisis. If you do find that you are having a healing crisis, just cut back on the amount of Body Biotics you are taking. Many people have taken one capsule a day for several weeks before moving up to two capsules a day and then stayed at that level for several weeks before increasing the dosage again. (See below for more details.)

Advanced Therapeutic Dosage: You may continue to increase your daily dosage of Body Biotics by one capsule weekly, up to 7 to 9 capsules, if desired, for more difficult health concerns. Then back the dosage back down to three capsules a day, or whatever dosage seems right to you.

Please note the following:

orange-yellow bullet Body Biotics works most effectively when taken 30 minutes before meals. The food helps to carry the friendly bacteria further down the intestinal tract. However, should you forget to take the product prior to eating, you can take it with a meal or after the meal. You can even take Body Biotics on an empty stomach. The important thing is to use Body Biotics consistently and regularly, on a daily basis.

orange-yellow bullet Be sure to drink approximately 60 ounces of filtered or bottled water daily to aid the body in the detoxification associated with cleansing the intestinal tract. Do not drink chlorinated or fluorinated water because it can destroy the friendly bacteria in the product.

orange-yellow bullet The dosage for using Body Biotics is designed to introduce the soil-based bacteria gently into your system. Most people can follow the directions above with ease; however, occasionally a smaller dosage is appropriate. For example, if you feel any healing crisis symptoms, simply reduce the number of capsules you are taking for a few days. You can take smaller than whole capsule quantities by opening up a capsule and consuming 1/4 to 1/2 of the capsule, followed with water as described above. For fighting against bacteria in the mouth, just swish Body Biotics around and leave the residue in the mouth at bedtime.

orange-yellow bullet As Body Biotics begins working in the body, some people experience various stages of the natural healing process. This means that your body is doing its own work, so if you notice any signs of flu-like symptoms, fatigue, constipation, diarrhea, etc., do not become discouraged and discontinue using Body Biotics. Simply reduce your dosage for a few days until you have moved through the condition. If you experience excessive constipation, you may want to use a natural gentle herbal laxative to help you through this initial period. Shortly you will find that are are as regular as clock work and you will experience increased energy and feelings of well being. Remember, Body Biotics has no side-effects. Any symptom described is a healing-crisis symptom, in that it means your body is responding to the product and working to repair itself.

orange-yellow bullet Other supplements and medications are generally absorbed much more effectively when using Body Biotics. If you are using supplements you may choose to talk to your doctor about reducing them. If you are on medication where an increase in efficacy could be harmful, CONSULT YOUR PHYSICIAN prior to using Body Biotics.

orange-yellow bullet When reducing back to a maintenance dosage of 2 to 3 capsules daily, use the same weekly adjustment that you used in the beginning, to reduce down.

orange-yellow bullet Reducing your intake of sugar, alcohol, caffeine and fried foods will greatly support Body Biotics in its efforts to help restore your body back to a healthy balance. Remember, "Good health is an inside job?" It's your health, your choice.

orange-yellow bullet Do not consume Body Biotics with hot liquids, as this could render the probiotic bacteria inactive.

orange-yellow bullet Avoid storage temperatures in excess of 125 degrees Fahrenheit (51° Celsius).

Body Biotics is not a "quick fix" supplement. It should be taken consistently and constantly every day to improve your digestive health, enhance immune function and enjoy its outstanding anti-oxidant effects.


I have been using this product close to 20 years and I must say that I have NOT been sick. Perhaps a day or so but the symptoms have been brief (a day or two) instead of several days or weeks.  Probiotics, what a Blessing of Nature. Anthony of Philadelphia, PA 7/5/2016.

Thank you for your personal note and service. I found years ago that when I take Body Biotics my ulcerative colitis disappears, so DUH ! I appreciate you and Sally making them available. All best to you both. Carl of Nashville, TN 2/23/2017


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