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Floraphage™ Probiotic Multiplier

Floraphage Probiotic Multiplier with phages by Arthur Andrew Medical

1 - 90 capsule bottle

Floraphage multiplies the probiotics in our bodies in a very unique way. Floraphage contains phages (also called bacteriophages) that are tiny living proteins found everywhere in nature. Each of these phages replicates itself by invading a specific type of bacteria. It injects its own genetic material into the bacteria which causes it to explode into many tiny particles. The benefit of this process to humans is that these exploded particles become food (prebiotics) for our good gut probiotic bacteria, whether these bacteria are indigenous to our bbodies or from supplements. Floraphage can provide a tremendous amount of food for the probiotic bacteria we want. With this food, the beneficial bacteria can multiply and help maintain optimal functioning in the gastrointestinal tract.

Phages, or bacteriophages, are everywhere. They’re in our food, in the water we drink, and everywhere in nature. Phages are the most abundant, naturally occurring organisms on earth. They have been used safely in the agricultural food industry to control bacteria for many years. Floraphage is the first nutritional supplement in the United States to take advantages of these phages. In other parts of the world, especially Russia and the eastern European countries, they have been researched, developed and used for many years.

The benefits of Floraphage include:

Why we need Floraphage

Our intestinal tract is filled with a multitude of tiny living organisms all competing to have space to live. Some of these organisms are bacteria that are very beneficial to us. We actually live in a symbiotic relationship with them and we could not survive without them. Some are harmful, destructive bacteria fighting to build their own colonies in the gut. If the pathogenic bacteria grow too much they can cause many problems for the body. It is very important to maintain a healthy balance between the good and bad bacteria.

There are many factors that can help the aggressive strains of pathogenic bacteria to outgrow and use more resources than beneficial probiotic bacteria. Problems can be caused by taking antibiotics, which kill both bad and good bacteria, or from a diet of highly processed or poor nutritional quality food, or drinking chlorinated water. Ingesting sugar feeds the bad bacteria but the the good cannot use it. Floraphage was developed to support the maintenance of the highly sensitive digestive ecosystem.

Floraphage research shows that it causes probiotics to multiply by as much as 2400% in vitro

Floraphage Testing and Results

The manufacturer of Floraphage, Arthur Andrew Medical, conducted laboratory tests to see whether Floraphage would increase the growth of different types of probiotic bacteria. They tested four popular probiotic supplement brands to determine Floraphage's ability multiply the probiotics in each of the four brands.

Each probiotic cupplement was grown in a petri dish in a broth that was similar to the digestive conditions in the human body. Once the bacteria in each petri dish had grown the right amount two samples were taken for the experiment. Floraphage was placed in one sample and the other one was left alone as a control group. Each of the four tested brands showed improvement when grown with Floraphage. Syntol (from Arthur Andrew Medical) showed the most improvement.

The average increase in colony forming units (CFUs), the measurement of probiotic bacteria growth, for the four brands was 2,400 percent versus the control which was growth without the use of Floraphage. That means Floraphage increased the growth rate of all the brands of probiotics by an average of 24 times compared to the control group.

These results show that Floraphage is an excellent product to take in conjunction with a probiotic to maximize the benefits of supplemented beneficial bacteria. It’s also helpful for those who don’t take probiotics in order to maximize indigenous probiotic growth.

Floraphage Ingredients

1,000,000 PFU's of Prebiotic Bacteriophage.

The phages (bacteriophages) in Floraphage are tiny proteins that attach themselves to specific bacteria and literally cause them to come apart in pieces. The pieces of bacteria are food (prebiotics) for the good gut bacteria. Phages are powerful enough to make a difference in how many probiotic bacteria are in your system.

Safety and efficacy

We consume bacteriophages every day. They have been utilized in agriculture for years as a gentle and non-toxic way to control the overgrowth of bacteria in crops. Floraphage is completely safe and has GRAS safety status with the FDA.

How Researchers Isolate Phages

This is so simple. It is based on the fact that each phage will just invade and kill one particular type of bacteria. Scientists put a specific bacteria in a petri dish with a nutritious broth. As the bacteria grow, the broth will become cloudy. Then they mix a phage with a little broth and put it into a dropper. They put several drops on top of the bacterial broth. If a circle of clear liquid develops where the drops of phage are, the scientsts know the phage is killing the bacteria there.

Which Probiotic Strains Were Tested With Floraphage

The following bacteria showed significant growth when combined with Floraphage:


Take one to two capsules daily with eight ounces of water or according to the recommendations of your healthcare provider.

Floraphage can be taken at any time, with or without food. Phages do not tend to be killed by the stomach acid when you take them. They can be taken with other supplements. We have not seen any adverse reactions with Floraphage, either on its own or in combination with other supplements.

Everybody is different, but according to the in vitro testing, Floraphage should start working within hours of the first dose. However, benefits that can be "felt" will likely take anywhere from three to four weeks. Some may experience immediate benefits, while others may take longer.

This probiotic multiplier has GRAS status, Generally Recognized As Safe Floraphage, a probiotic phage that works as a prebiotic, is certified to be NON-GMO Star-K Certification for being Kosher was awarded to FloraphageThis phage is Certified to be Vegan

Floraphage research shows that it causes probiotics to multiply by as much as 2400% in vitroFLORAPHAGE LABORATORY REPORT

Floraphage was tested in vitro with four well-known probiotic supplements to see if it would increase the growth rate of probiotic bacteria in each of the supplements. The average increase in CFU (Colony Forming Unit) activity, a standard measurement of probiotic bacteria growth, for the four products was 2400% versus the control (growth without the use of Floraphage). Floraphage is an excellent product to take in conjunction with a probiotic supplement to maximize the benefits of supplement. It is also helpful for those that do not take probiotics in order to maximize indigenous probiotic bacteria growth.

Floraphage - 2016 Best Digestive Supplement Award Winner

Floraphage, a new revolutionary phage supplement from Arthur Andrew Medical helps the good probiotic bacteria to be dominate in the intestinal tract. It has been chosen as the Best Digestive Product for 2016. Floraphage was selected by experts in the field, health practitioners, health-food store owners and ordinary people interested in health. "Better Nutrition," a publication about living naturally, has highlighted Floraphage as the best digestive new product in their annual Best of Supplements guide.


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