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What Ginger Chalford, Ph.D Said About Body Biotics™

Colon Facts

Frost on fruit in Aveyron, France "Life begins and ends in the colon." This old saying is true. Your food is broken down in your stomach, but it's the intestines and colon where that food is translated through trillions of chemical processes into nutrition your body uses to continuously recreate itself.

Without the proper intestinal flora, all of these processes simply can't be done. The "unfinished business" becomes a sticky plaque that attaches itself to the intestinal linings. After awhile, this plaque hardens and reduces absorption of nutrition so much, the body begins to slowly "starve."

Nature, in her wisdom, realizes that the body is starving and sends out the call for more food by creating cravings. People respond by overeating of poor quality food which also cannot be absorbed, leading to weight gain or wasting. This produces more "gumups."


Body BioticsŪ has been shown to establish the flora in your intestines and colon which eats up the plaque and allows absorption. You have the opportunity to reverse toxicity and enjoy a new level of energy and health!

Body BioticsŪ is Truly Unique

You can't find this product on health food store shelves or in MLM companies. Body BioticsŪ is an impossible-to-duplicate product involving three different manufacturers. Believe me, someone I know tried and couldn't find any of the top eleven chemists/formulators/suppliers in the country who, upon examination, would even attempt to figure the complex formula out!

Body Biotics'sŪ uniquely developed Soil Based Organisms (SBO's), discussed in my last newsletter, are the "missing piece of the puzzle" about Complete Nutrition. You've taken vitamins, minerals, enzymes, essential fatty acids, proteins, antioxidants, and more. But I guarantee that you've NEVER had ANYTHING like THIS before! And I'm no ignoramus when it comes to nutrition. I used to BE a nutritionist and I've studied it intensely for over 25 years!

Body BioticsŪ has eliminated my food cravings better than any other product I've used during the past 25 years, including the famous minerals I've always urged you to take. I'm also seeing with myself and others that hypersensitivity to certain "allergic" types of foods is way down. You know what THIS means? After evaluating Body Biotics'sŪ action on my body and on others, I'm led to the inescapable conclusion that BODY BIOTICSŪ IS THE KEY FACTOR IN CORRECTING ERRANT BODY CHEMISTRY! A friend of mine confirms it. He's "OFF" the bottle."

Another friend has far better concentration than before. I think I've found something PROFOUND here!

Scientific research has shown that Body BioticsŪ transforms both your digestive and eliminative systems by assisting your body to: 1. Eliminate parasites, yeast (including Candida), and fungi 2. Clean your GI tract from top to bottom, restoring the healthy bowel function you hopefully had as a child 3. Break down your food, increasing your absorption rate exponentially! (You may not think this is important, but what you can't absorb you can't use.) 4. Create an army of uncoded antibodies ready to be coded to fight any and ALL disease. 5. Clear up viral and bacterial infections. 6. Eliminate toxicity in your blood. 7. Reverse your degenerative (and aging) processes.

Picture of frost on fruit taken by Martin Boulanger of Lyon, Rhône Alpes, France | Agency stock.XCHNG.

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